DyeMansion Powershot C

Additive Manufacturing

The DyeMansion Powershot C is the indispensable addition to your 3D printing system. With the PolyShot Cleaning process, components can be easily and efficiently depowdered. With different jet nozzles, the powder is removed quickly, automatically and at the same time gently from the surfaces. The result is residue-free parts with an even surface finish.


Additive ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing
Luft- und RaumfahrtLuft- und Raumfahrt


  • Industry standard for efficient depowdering
  • Throughput time of 3 - 10 minutes
  • Reduction compared to manual radiation: 80%
  • Cleaning process with PolyShot Cleaning
  • gentle surface treatment
  • Replaces up to four manual blast machines

Technical Specifications

Performance - Capacity per RunMedium build volume (e.g. 3/4 EOS P396 or full HP Jet Fusion 5200 build volume)
Dimensions System (L x W x H)1.700 x 1.310 x 2030 mm
Weight System490 kg
Power Supply1 kW
Compressed Air ConsumptionMinimum: 1,4 m3 / min at 2,2 bar
 Maximum: 1,8 m3 / min at 5 bar
Explained: The Powershot C I the industry standard for easy & efficient part cleaning | DyeMansion

Individual solutions

Are you looking for an individual option that fits your ideas and requirements perfectly? Then get in touch with us. Together we will find a solution.



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